Balance those energies in The Realm.
Balance those energies in The Realm.
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Selenite Sphere
Selenite Sphere
Selenite Sphere
Sekina's Realm

Selenite Sphere

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Description: Selenite is one of the most powerful stones that exists due to its healing and cleansing qualities. Selenite is used to renew your aura and as a tool for an energy cleanse. Selenite is the stone of light, it’s vibrant and lively energy lights up the darkness, making it a huge aid for people who suffer from anxiety and depression.

Crystal spheres are extremely powerful and have strong frequencies. Meditating with spheres are very effective, depending on the size. As the size of a sphere increases, so does it’s power. 

This crystal is perfect for resetting your mind, body, and spirit after a long day being around a variety of personalities. Selenite is also used to cleanse other crystals of the energy they absorb. 


  • Restores energy
  • Renews aura
  • Balances all chakras
  • Alleviates anxiety and depression 
  • Clarity of mind

Chakra: All chakras

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