Vegan, local, & eco-friendly.
Vegan, local, & eco-friendly.
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About Sekina's Realm


Sekina Ward


While studying Communications at Sacramento State, I embarked on my spiritual journey and got in touch with my higher consciousness through yoga and meditation. My daily routine that started at 5am in the morning helped me stay grounded throughout my four years of college and working 3 - 4 jobs at a time. 

As much as I love meditating, I always noticed that metaphysical tools are super pricey and most products were unaffordable for the average college student. During my senior year in college, I worked one year preparing my brand and spent three months preparing to open my business. 

Having anxiety as a full time student while working 3 jobs definitely took a toll on me, but having a place of peace to return to everyday helped get me through rough days. Wherever you are on your journey, I hope these products can do the same for you.