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Quarantine & Chill: Book Club Edition

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For the first time in modern human history, the entire planet is experiencing a drastic social shift simultaneously. Everyone has been effected on different levels, but everyone's mindset and mental health is being challenged. For some introverts, this experience is like a vacation, finally allowing people to shut civilization out and enjoy their own company. For our extroverted friends, the is a living hell. The universe has pressed the pause button on our normal daily lives and there is absolutely nothing we can do about it. This time, it was out of our control. 

Regardless of where we all sit on the social spectrum, we have been given an opportunity to start looking within. As for myself, who has been sick twice during this quarantine, I have given my spiritual and mental development most of my attention. Reading a great book has always been one of my favorite hobbies, so the highlight of my quarantine has been catching up on all of the books I have wanted to pick up, but never found enough time during my hectic schedule. Despite all of the fear that is circulating, I hope we can all look back at this time period and feel like we gained something from it. Whether that is a simple new perspective or healing deep emotional issues that stem from childhood traumas, this is the time to start the journey to within. Thus, the best way to start self improvement is to read! During my spare time in the house, I have compiled a short list of amazing books that have personally changed my perspective and have improved my overall well-being.  

1. First up: The Power of Now - By Eckhart Tolle

For the spiritual gurus and the logical Larry's, this book will help you understand yourself on a deeper level. Through Tolle's unique insight on our true nature as cosmic beings and his educational format, The Power of Now will open your heart and mind to the truth about humanity's toxic addiction to overthinking and how we can all gain control over our minds (instead of letting our minds control us). No matter your background or views on spirituality, everyone should pick up this book!

2. Ask and it is Given - By Esther and Jerry Hicks

The law of attraction states, "whatever we think about, we attract into our lives." Thus, if we ask the universe for something, it is given to us without much effort. Esther and Jerry Hicks go in depth on how the law of attraction works and how we all have total creative freedom in shaping our lives by simply focusing on what we want! We can have anything we want in life, so as long as we believe it. Consistent thought patterns eventually form into beliefs, which creates the vibration we emit into the universe. Ask and it is Given unlocks the process of manifesting your desires. However, please read this book with an open mind and the ability to take responsibility for your past thought patterns. Although it is hard to accept, Esther and Jerry Hicks explain how we sometimes attract our own heart ache and pain with our how we think. They reassure the reader that as easily as we attract negative experiences into our lives, we can attract positive ones, too.

3. The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success - Deepok Chopra

This book is hands down one of the best self improvement books ever written. If anyone is wondering how to achieve true, everlasting success, the Seven Spiritual Laws of Success will answer all your questions while putting your soul at ease with seven laws to live by every day. Deepok Chopra explains that spiritual success precedes material success and is achieved by expressing yourself through the talents you were born with to help serve others. Each law is explained in detail with insightful examples that can easily be understood. This book is definitely a must have and will serve as an awesome reference point to anyone embarking on the path to a successful and fulfilling life.

4. Peace is Every Step - Thich Nhat Hanh

Thich Nhat Hanh, the inspiring spiritual leader and teacher provides a beautifully written guide on mindfulness and meditation. Hanh reminds us that peace is an ongoing journey that's always available to us, even during our hectic lives. He reveals that telephone rings can serve as "bells" to take a deep breathe or a red light can serve as a reminder to recenter ourselves. Instead of looking at these roadblocks as annoyances, we all can transform our perception of them into our friends that remind us that peace is in the "Now". Peace at Every Step will give you exercises and practices to permanently sustain inner peace as you simultaneously navigate throughout our fast modern world. 

Well, I hope this book list gracefully fell into your lap. If you are going through a tough time right now, take this blog post as a sign from the universe that everything is going to work out and that you are ALWAYS taken care of. 

Written by Sekina Ward

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